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【Bingshu's new masterpiece】Grilled Pleurotus eryngii in sauce

Frozen delivery
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Two-year-old matured and carefully crafted, carefully selected fresh and delicious pleurotus eryngii, blended with Uncle Bing’s secret sand tea sauce, perfectly created with Uncle Bing’s professional method, delicious and easy to serve in one minute!
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/Home delivery order instructions/

●Please be sure to first go to the "Members Zone" to register as a member of this shopping network, and order products directly on this shopping network. If you have any questions about the products, please go to "Contact Us" and fill out the online form for inquiry, we will reply you within 3 days。

●Or from Monday to Friday 8:30~17:30, you can call Uncle Bing's home delivery service hotline 04-2255-0818, and someone will be there for you。

/payment method/

●Pay by ATM transfer or online bank transfer to the designated account. After completing the remittance, please go to the "Members Area" → "Order Inquiry Area" to fill in the remittance notice, and we can arrange the shipment for you

●Cash on delivery: Please fill in the remarks column that cash on delivery is required, or let someone know when you contact you.
The black cat will charge additional handling fee: 1~1999 yuan plus a handling fee of 30 yuan, and a handling fee of more than 2,000 yuan plus a handling fee of 60 yuan.

/Delivery service/

●After the remittance and fill in the remittance notice, the site will confirm the correctness, and a text message will be sent to notify the date of shipment.
●If you have any questions, please call Uncle Bing's home delivery service hotline 04-2255-0818, and someone will be there for you.

Delivery freight

 ●If you spend less than 2500 on this shopping network, you will be charged 180 for shipping. The out-of-island shipping costs an additional RMB 400 for 80 corns.

/Remittance information/

●Bank name: Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Municipal Branch Code 012
●Account number: 8212-000000-3446
●Household name: Dabing International Co., Ltd.


●Frozen food does not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law and does not enjoy a 7-day appreciation period.