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Burn savory! Burn savory! Hey, let’s cook some wheat!
What a rice! Grilled corn can also be bought in groups! ?
I remember being on the show last year and eating this popular delicacy from Fengjia Night Market, "Uncle Bing Grilled Corn". You don't have to wait for the ice to cool down. You can eat it in the microwave for 3 minutes! When the host is heating up, will I still make up for popcorn? Unexpectedly, there was neither, and when microwaved, it was like smelling the boss's baking sauce layer by layer in front of the booth, and the aroma came out! The point is that it tastes exactly the same as freshly baked!
The boss uses pearl corn, which has a soft taste and a bit of sticky teeth. The sauce is a unique recipe (the sauce for grilled corn is always a mystery). After five brushing, a thick layer is applied to each corn, and the final sprinkle Flavor seasoning powder! The original flavor is my favorite, with a bit of sweet barbecue aroma! If you love spicy food, Uncle Bing’s spicy is really spicy. If it’s not enough, I think Uncle Bing’s black pepper is more spicy than spicy! If you want a moderately sweet and spicy meal, the comprehensive taste is the best!
Usually when I eat delicious food on the show, I will contact the manufacturer for information, but this time I directly asked the production unit for a few back to the company. I asked my colleagues not to rush away after work. I hope they will taste it immediately and have waited for a year. Finally waited until the amount of corn was enough to start the group, everyone must follow this group~~~~
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