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About us 關於我們
​About Uncle Bing's grilled corn Origin of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Hu Bingnian, the founder of Uncle Bing’s roasted corn, has determined to develop this path of entrepreneurship since he was young. After being discharged from the Navy, he drove car washes, restaurants, and property management companies. He enjoyed the aura of success when he was young. However, on the way to a night market, I saw a small vendor selling grilled corn, which gave Mr. Hu Bingnian, who loved grilled corn since his childhood, a new idea. He resolutely returned to his hometown in Yilan and learned the skill of roasting corn with his uncle.

After investing more than 3 years, he developed a special unique sauce, and opened the first-generation Dabing grilled corn chain head office in the Donghai business district in 1986. After a few years, franchise stores quickly increased to 200. In the 100th year of the Republic of China, the second generation of Uncle Bing's grilled corn was opened in Fengjia Night Market by combining grilled corn with flavored tea.

The two founders, Mr. Hu Bingnian and Mr. Qiu Xianhui, developed a new corn preservation method after studying hard for many years, which solved the problem of corn shortage and freshness. The franchisee does not have to worry about the shortage of raw materials, but also allows consumers to eat more hygienic and fresh grilled products.