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About us 關於我們
​About Uncle Bing's grilled corn Origin of Entrepreneurship

Shao~fanmai~~!! This is a phrase that many people have been familiar with since childhood.
Roasted corn fragrant in Taiwan for more than a year. Not only is it loved by the Chinese people, it is also a well-known snack that Taiwan is proud of.

Uncle Bing’s grilled corn adopts the most critical and rigorous attitude to carefully select the corn from the day’s production area, original sauces, and the four-pass roasting method. In addition, it has cooperated with well-known domestic professional induction cooker manufacturers to develop the third generation of brand new induction cooker corn roasting machine. , Let the ingredients retain the freshness and moisture through the high temperature lock water, and emphasize the hygienic, fast and low-carbon management method to bring consumers a healthier consumption experience.

The successful transformation of the second-generation compound store has inspired the two founders to transform the grilled corn industry. With the efforts of the management team, Uncle Bing's grilled corn will launch the brand new "Sauce Grilled Corn Monopoly" in 2014. Three generations of professional stores, hoping to satisfy the taste buds of every consumer with more diverse product flavors